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Informatics Sector was established in 1999 as an IT sector company to provide services in the field of Internet - web design, programming, hosting.

In 2007, it continues its service in the IT sector with its new name, www.esunus.com.

Esunus has an important reference list, proving its claim in the information sector with the services it provides in various sectors.

It is the youngest media agency in our sector that provides independent and fully equipped media services and is currently operating in the sector, and is managed by communicators with high media experience who have worked with over 50 domestic and foreign companies with at least 14 years of industry experience.

An innovative, fast, advertiser's brief that can think customer-oriented, equate its customers with its own interests, realize the most effective purchasing process by equating the advertiser's budget with its own investment, provide rationales behind all the decisions made in this process, and add value to the expectations of its customers. are taken, analyzed, solutions and alternatives are produced.
The media process is operated accurately and completely before the specified times. Esunus GmbH